Women of the World festival

Women of the World festival

March 2018 | London

Women of the world is a global movement of festivals celebrating women & girls and taking a frank look at the obstacles they face.

Founder Director Nidhi Goyal was invited for a talk on “Power and Protest”. She explored this space of power and protest through 3 lenses, as a disabled woman, as an activist and as a standup comedian talking about gender and disability. She emphasized upon the importance of having a voice and how often this voice is snatched away from persons with disabilities and especially women with disabilities. Art becomes a tool to navigate the power structures that exist to protest the very same oppressive systems.

link to the video here:


EDD - Brussels - June - 2018: Nidhi’s photo is on the left side and on the right side, on a light red background there is text written in white. Nidhi is wearing a brown patterned Kurta and holding her cane. She is wearing silver bangles and dangling earrings. On the right side the text says: I’m very proud of all my fellow women with disabilities, who wake up and say okay, I’ll face all the risks, because I have a life to live. Nidhi Goyal, India