Point of View

Point of View Logo: On the left there is a green circle with the icon of an eye in it. Beside it the words point of view are written.




Point of View is a Mumbai-based non-profit platform that brings the points of view of women into community, social, cultural and public domains through media, art and culture. The organisation enables women’s voices to be heard through a variety of media, art and culture platforms, both offline and online through film and video, among others. Point of View works with grassroots or community partners to actualize their belief: that each one of us has a right to a voice, in our lives, in our workplaces, and within ourselves.

HELM Social Design Studio

Helm Logo: This is the logo for Helm studio. On the left side there are eight figures which are interlinked in a circle. It looks like they are holding hands. They are yellow, green and blue in colour. Beside it is written Helm, Hands on Education Law and Media



HELM Studio partners with human rights defenders and their organisations to ideate, design, and build social design solutions that promote human rights and access to justice. This approach combines grassroots experience-based expertise with legal, media, and technology proficiency. Together, HELM Studio uses cutting-edge educational, legal, and media tools to magnify human rights violations, claim rights, and access justice.

Mahila Swarozgar Samiti (MSS)

Mahila Swarozgar Samiti (or MSS), is based in Varanasi, a city located the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. MSS works in three districts: Varanasi, Sitapur and Sonbhadra. In its mission of empowering rural women, MSS builds awareness on women's rights, reproductive health care, policies, and laws that contribute to gender equality, such as equal wages, property ownership, and economic incentives. MSS organises women into self-help groups and trains them in generating savings and creating opportunities for self-employment. It also builds health and rights awareness among sex workers, and facilitates protection and guarantee of the rights of children of sex workers. MSS also works actively with women to ensure that they participate and shape all decisions taken at the level of the village council (or Gram Sabha).