About Us

We are a Mumbai based non-profit for recognition, protection, and promotion of human rights of People with Disabilities (PWDs), particularly women and youth with disabilities.


Our vision is to build an inclusive world in which diverse bodies, minds, and voices thrive with dignity; live free of discrimination, abuse, and violence; and enjoy equal opportunities and access.

On the left is Srinidhi in a Blue Saree with a pink blouse and border. In the center is Nidhi in a white Tunic with grey stripes an black pants. On the right is Pooja in a Blue Tunic and beige pants. All three are smiling.
Rising Flame Logo: It is a phoenix facing upward with its head to the right. Its wings are in the shape of flames all around it. The phoenix is poised to take flight. The centre of the phoenix is red and the outer layers are dark orange and the last layer is light orange. Below the icon the words Rising Flame are written.
Mercer Keynote Address-Mumbai-December-2018: Nidhi Goyal is standing at the podium and speaking. She is wearing a white dress with a black jacket. There is a screen behind her with the words Keynote Address Roadmap 2025 on it.


Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Build capacity among PWDs to be leaders and self-advocates, especially among those marginalized by gender and age





Improve PWDs’ integration into society, ability to live independently, and sense of identity and self





Provide PWDs opportunities to gain skills and knowledge for socio-economic empowerment





Enable PWDs to exercise legal rights and access legal entitlements.


Key strategies


Capacity building


Knowledge dissemination, research, and advocacy


Networking & collaboration

Voices-Mumbai-December-2018: Sonal Giani, Nidhi Goyal and Flavia Agnes are sitting at a table. Flavia is addressing an audience. In the background, there is a large screen with the two logos of the US consulate and Rising Flame.

Where will we operate?

Our registered office is based in Mumbai, India. We work pan India.


Legal status

Rising Flame was founded in September 2017 and was registered as a section 8 company (non-profit company) under the Indian Companies Act 2013 on 17-7-2018.