My Tale Too - Mumbai-January-2018: It is a classroom setting, with red chairs which have attached side tables. Around 12 women sitting in the room, facing the front. One woman in a black kurta and white and blue printed pyjamas is addressing the room and everyone else is listening to her. One blind woman is drinking from a paper cup. One woman in a pink kurta is looking down and has her laptop open. One woman sitting in the front row is looking into her phone. There is sunlight coming in from the back of the room and there are cupboards on the right hand wall.

Lead. Grow. Change.


Disability. Gender. Diversity. Inclusion.

We are a not-for-profit organisation based in Mumbai and we work for rights of persons with disabilities, particularly women and youth with disabilities. We want people with disabilities, specially those standing at multiple intersections, to have a voice, have a space, be heard and lead from the front.

We strive towards social integration; we hope to build a world where everyone lives with dignity, respect and lives a life free from discrimination, violence, and abuse; We want the human rights of people with disabilities to be recognized and realized.

We want women and youth with disabilities to lead, grow, and change – Change the world with us.