Tour in the Dark

Tour in the Dark

February 2018

In February 2018, Rising Flame designed Tour in the Dark, a simulation space with activities that one could experience with a blindfold and a white cane or on a wheelchair. Part of a month-long inclusive architectural exhibition organised by JJ College of Architecture, the event was a journey exploring student projects and activities through a space designed to activate the senses and help expand empathy through experience.

Tour in the Dark - Mumbai - February - 2018: This is an image from our event, Tour in the dark. Two women are blindfolded, another woman is tying the blindfold for another woman. There is another girl who is holding the black cloth in her hands.

Visitors were given the chance to live everyday experiences of an individual with a visual impairment. We were able to reach over a hundred participants through this simulation program.

Event Activities included:

  • Find Me My Gems
  • Objects of Bias
  • Currency Count
  • Kindergarten
  • Touch and Type
  • Autograph Please
  • Creative Time
  • Fragrance
Tour in the Dark - Mumbai - February - 2018: This is the poster for our event, Never Have I ever as a part of Tour in the Dark. It lists out all the activities that were conducted in the Tour in The Dark at sir JJ College of Architecture.
Tour in the Dark - Mumbai - February - 2018: A girl in a brown kurta with pink patterns is blindfolded and is holding a white cane. She is being assisted by another girl in a dark blue kurta. The blindfolded girl is touching something on the board.
Tour in the Dark - Mumbai - February - 2018: There are 3 girls in the image. 2 are blindfolded, the girl standing on the left is smelling something in a white bottle, the girl in the middle is doing something with an orange colored paper. The girl on the right is assisting the girl in the centre. There are more colored sheets, fevistick and a scissors kept on the table in front of them.
Tour in the Dark - Mumbai - February - 2018: 5 women are standing in front of a board which has paper models of buildings stuck on it. 3 of the women are blindfolded and the other two are assisting them. The board has maps and further descriptions of the place they are showcasing.
Tour in the Dark - Mumbai - February - 2018: A girl in a red kurta is blindfolded and is holding the white cane in one hand and in the other hand she is holding a yellow paper boat. Assisting her in another woman in a floral dress and a black shrug. In the background there are collages of various smaller photos.