Roundtable Conference on Facebook Community Standards

Roundtable Conference on Facebook Community Standards

December 2018

The School for Media and Culture Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai along with Facebook organized a private roundtable conversation with individuals and NGOs working in the field of advocacy and human rights. Organisations like Point of View, Action Aid, Columbia Global Centre, Koro amongst many others were present.

The conversation was around the Facebook Community Standards which were released earlier this year, following the questions of security and privacy on the social media platform. Rising Flame was invited to give a perspective on how persons with disabilities use Facebook and how the community standards protect or do not protect persons with disabilities.

Four main themes within the community standards were discussed pertaining to women and disabled persons, these are: bullying/harassment, hate speech, adult nudity and sexual exploitation of adults were discussed. The inaccessibility of the community standards, questions around artificial intelligence and technology and the need for human interface in the community standards were discussed.