Naa mein naa hain – Mumbai

Naa mein naa hain – Mumbai

A woman, Nidhi Goyal, wearing a white kurta stands in front of a room of participants seated in red chairs. In her background two women are seen fiddling with the computer.

On the 9th of February, we at Rising Flame launched our national workshop series Naa Mein Naa Hai in Mumbai. Our aim was to begin having conversations with people with disabilities on love, romance and the complexities around consent.

The workshop was organised with support from Blind Graduates Forum of India and Tanya Computer Centre. We had 25 participants, mostly blind and low vision people of all age groups, who attended. Only six were women.

The workshop had a lot of conversation on negotiating consent as people with disabilities, vocalising consent in moments when it is unclear and how to see the nuances in the yes, no and maybe spaces of consent.

You can read our piece for NewzHook on our workshop here.

A shot of the entire room of participants where we can see both men and women seated on red chairs.