Claiming Digital Spaces

Claiming Digital Spaces

Digital spaces mimic the physical spaces in terms of invisibilities, in terms of barriers and in terms of exclusions for persons with disabilities. In campaigns, online interactions, programs and independent living and recreation tools, there are multiple barriers in enabling full and effective participation of persons with disabilities.

Through this initiative, we tackle these multiple issues and ensure that digital spaces belong to persons with disabilities as much as they belong to others. The aim is to alter the digital ecosystem so that inclusion is not an afterthought but becomes an integral part of the digital fabric.


Digital access project

What if you had to show your bank details to someone, because the website is not accessible?what if you could not order food when you were hungry? At the end of the day you want to watch a fun show but you cannot because you would need assistance.

To make independence, choice, and agency a reality for person with disabilities ensuring accessibility of spaces, digital and physical, is important. The web accessibility guidelines are simple and easy to follow. But it is important to apply and follow them with awareness, sensitivity and commitment.

We are advocating with varied platforms to make their apps and websites accessible.


Wikipedia edit-a-thons

Visiblising work and archiving histories of women with disabilities is extremely important. We did this through building capacities of youth with disabilities to become Wikipedia editors and page creators- on the principle of nothing about us without us. Since February 2019, we have created multiple pages of women with diverse disabilities and coming from diverse walks of life.


Project Visibility

We don’t hear voices and witness realities of women and youth with disabilities enough. Through films, through online campaigns and other efforts we ensure that we could achieve the visibility of voice, identity and issues.


A room full of people disabled and non-disbaled seated in front of their laptops and editing.
participants sitting around tables and working on laptops