I Can Lead 2020

I Can Lead 2020

Our National Leadership programme for women with disabilities – the first of its kind in India – was launched last year. In this year long program we invest in women with disabilities, in their self development and professional growth, so that they become the leaders of tomorrow. This program believes that self advocates will create the change they want to see.

The program has four verticals: group trainings; individual mentoring; life coach and peer support.

We put out a public call for applications and received more than 50 applications from across the country! The program commenced in October 2020. This year, the cohort is bigger and twice as large as last year with 12 fellows as a part of this year long journey of growing and changing together.

Our 2nd batch of #ICanLead has begun their year long journey with us. Who are they? Where are they from? What are their experiences? We asked them what leadership means to them. Over the next two weeks we will be exploring leadership in its many forms from our 2020 batch!— Rising Flame (@RisingFlameNow) October 19, 2020
India’s first even year-long national leadership program that invests in women with disabilities; in their self development & professional growth; to be leaders of tomorrow. Launched in 2019 by Rising Flame! We are back with a bigger cohort of 12 amazing women with disabilities.— Rising Flame (@RisingFlameNow) October 9, 2020

Throughout the year, each of the fellows spends time with a mentor assigned specifically to guide them on their journey to leadership in their chosen fields. The Fellows increase their visibility by publishing their writing, participating in social media campaigns, and articulating their positions on feminism and disability justice. In the process they explore stereotypes and contribute to transforming public engagement on disability rights. I Can Lead Fellows develop media content for disability rights issues, extend the reach of other programme initiatives and broaden the discourse on disability rights. Several of the Fellows have taken political action on issues that impact them and other women with disabilities.

I Can Lead Talks

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