Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!

Hi all,

Welcome to Rising Flame’s Blog!

We are a Mumbai based non-profit working for the rights of persons with disabilities with a focus on women and youth with disabilities. We want to create a world where persons with disabilities get the opportunity to live and are treated as full human beings with hopes and dreams and abilities.

We work for recognition, protection and promotion of human rights of People With Disabilities (PWDs). Our vision is to build an inclusive world where diverse bodies and voices thrive with dignity, live a healthy life, free of discrimination, abuse and violence and where there are equal opportunities and access to all .

We use technology, art, collaborations to push the voices of persons with disabilities forward- we want them- we want us -to be heard!

So please follow our blog to know about our various initiatives and read more about the persons with disabilities taking the lead in speaking up, in altering their environment, and creating socially integrated narratives.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our campaigns and our work so leave those comments 🙂

Nidhi Goyal
Founder and Director: Rising Flame

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  1. Your website and the stories are a true inspiration for me and motivate me to do more within the Voice programme. To continue and double our efforts to be inclusive in our communication and learning events.

    thank you

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