Orange Flower Digital Summit 

Orange Flower Digital Summit 

December 2017 organized the event Orange flower Digital Summit and Awards which celebrated the voices of women on the internet, who are key in bringing about and talking about change in India.

Founder Director Nidhi Goyal was on the opening panel titled “Women face the worst online abuse - yet this movement of women speaking up will not be quelled”. She spoke alongside Dr. Shilpa Phadke, Founder, Why Loiter and Lalita Iyer, author and moderated by Anusha Singh, lawyer.

They looked at how online spaces mirror offline spaces. Although women face violence within the cyber space, it also becomes a powerful tool of engagement and inclusion.

Orange Flower Summit - Mumbai - December - 2017: Four women are sitting on chairs on a black stage and in the background there are black curtains. On a light brown oval shaped board, the words: The Cuckoo Club” is written. There is a television screen on a stand on the left side. A woman with short hair and a pink saree is sitting beside the television, on her right is Dr. Shilpa Phadke, on her right is author Lalita Iyer and on the extreme is Nidhi Goyal, speaking into the mic. From the audience, the backs of 3 women are visible. On the extreme right there is a banner which is red and white in color and has the words “Orange Flower Summit” and the silhouette of a woman’s side profile face and neck.

Nidhi described how she used the online space to further the reach of her stand up comedy which uses humor as a tool to tackle stigma around disability.

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Orange Flower Summit - Mumbai - December - 2017: Nidhi is sitting on the stage, speaking into the microphone. On her left, there is a banner, the top half is deep red in color and the bottom half is white. Separating the two is an orange band. On the red color, the words ‘The orange flower’ is written. Below this is a silhouette of a girl’s face in side profile, with black and orange leaves for hair. On Nidhi’s right, Lalita Iter is sitting. In the background there are black curtains and on the top left corner, on a light brown board the words: The cuckoo club are written.