My Tale Too

My Tale Too

January to March 2018

Women with disabilities do not find scripts that reflect their realities and experiences in popular media. You rarely pick up a book or read a story or watch a film that has an honest representation of disability. Who better to create these stories than women with disabilities themselves? Rising Flame works with women with disabilities to change this by creating and distributing stories with disabled women as their protagonists.

In January 2018, Rising Flame launched “My Tale Too” with the support of One Billion Rising.

My Tale Too - Mumbai-January-2018: This is the poster for Rising Flame’s workshop series: My Tale Too. The Rising flame logo is on the left and the One Billion Rising logo is on the right. In the centre there is a mix of blue, yellow and red on which My Tale Too is written in white. And at the bottom it is written, rising for the rights of girls and women with disabilities.

Through a 2 day intensive workshop and a month-long follow -up, 11 women with disabilities participated in rewriting and reclaiming traditional fairy tales to reflect the realities, struggles, discriminations, hopes, and aspirations of women with disabilities.

Participants also created new pieces of literary art that help change the conversation about women with disabilities. Accessible online at, this workshop both engaged women with disabilities in person and created media to share in online spaces. This approach not only works with people with disabilities as a community directly but also raises awareness more broadly.

My Tale Too - Mumbai-January-2018: Nidhi standing next to the My Tale too poster which is stuck on the wall. She is wearing a pink kurta and black hoop earrings.
My Tale Too - Mumbai-January-2018: Over 10 women, disabled and non disabled are sitting in a classroom setting and facing another woman who is the facilitator. They are talking to each other, some seem to be lost in thought and one is looking into her phone