‘Looking Back To Look Ahead’ event by Nazariya QRFG and TARSHI

‘Looking Back To Look Ahead’ event by Nazariya QRFG and TARSHI

Behind a table covered with white cloth sit five persons who are a part of the panel. Nidhi Goyal is sitting on the second seat from the left. Behind them is a wooden podium. The person on the extreme right is Sonal Giani, the moderator. Behind them is text on a screen: Looking Back To Look Ahead

Nidhi is wearing a light blue kurta and speaking into a mic. In front of her is a table covered with white cloth and a half-closed laptop beside a half-full glass of water. She has one earphone plugged into her left ear.

Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues and Nazariya: Queer Feminist Resource Group co-organised an event ‘Looking Back To Look Ahead’ on 22 September 2022. Founder and Executive Director Nidhi Goyal was on a panel titled ‘Making self-care and collective care relatable to our contexts!’ 

Other panelists included Arshiya Kochar from One Future Collective, Anindya Hajra from Pratyay Gender Collective, Bharat B from Vishakha Rajasthan, and the panel was moderated by Sonal Giani from IPPF South Asia Region.

The event sought to discuss how work on gender and sexuality could be sustainable while accounting for the well-being of people doing the work, and this panel focused on what self-care means for activists in today’s day and age.

Nidhi discussed how the self is located in a community, and the linkages between self-care and community care. She also questioned what self-care could mean when we want to be present and available for a community that has historically been marginalised and discriminated against.