Enabler programme for youth with disabilities, 2021

Enabler programme for youth with disabilities, 2021

Youth with disabilities have potential, dreams,  ambitions,  courage, but often they lack the opportunity in a world full of discrimination, stigma, and barriers. To infuse the ecosystem with positivity and level the playing field, we bring support in form of the Enabler program.

‘Enabler’ is an annual program for youth with disabilities currently pursuing education. The program aims at providing support to young people with disabilities to build an enabling environment for themselves, hopes to reduce the barriers and create a more levelled playing field for them. 

Three youth with disabilities will be selected under this program and they will each receive a financial reward of Rs. 50,000. This amount can be spent to set up their digital and technology requirements, to improve accessibility of their physical and educational infrastructure, upgrade or buy assistive devices and softwares, pay for sign language interpreters and other supports for inclusive participation and to gain further skills.

Eligibility criteria for the program:

This program is for young people with disabilities

- between the ages of 16 and 25 years

- living in India

- who are acquiring an education in one form or the other in any institution, 

- who are striving hard to achieve their dreams. 

Please submit the completed application form no later than May 31 to along with an id proof as mentioned below, and also a proof of current education. The application will then be shortlisted and the shortlisted candidates may be reached out to for an interview or any additional documents if required. 

Download application form here in DOC format: English | Hindi

Light blue background with a dark blue outline. Rising flame logo on the top right corner. On the bottom left corner, dark blue text in bold says "Enabler Program 2021". Next to this is a Megaphone. Below, smaller text in black says- "Visit our website to apply- Two speech bubbles emerge from this into the centre. One is dark blue and has text in white that reads, "Enabler Program aims to provide support to young people with disabilities in building an enabling environment for themselves, reducing barriers and creating a level playing field." The other is lighter blue in color and has text in white that says "Criteria- Aged between 16 and 25 Living in India Acquiring an education from any institution Striving hard to achieve their dreams!" On the bottom right corner is a white box with dark blue text inside that says, "Financial Reward- Rs. 50,000/-" Below, text in black says, "Application Deadline: 31st May 2021".