‘Disability, Sexuality and GBV’ at the Sexuality Gender and Rights Institute by CREA

‘Disability, Sexuality and GBV’ at the Sexuality Gender and Rights Institute by CREA

Nidhi is in a flowery salwar kameez with is sitting with a laptop on her lap. Behind her is a whiteboard with papers stuck on it. There are chairs and tables with a partial view of participants.

Nidhi is standing and speaking to a room full of women and queer folks. There is a whiteboard behind her and she is gesturing with her hands.

CREA’s Sexuality, Gender and Rights Institute (SGRI) is an annual residential course that focuses on a conceptual study of sexuality and has been held since 2002. It examines the links between sexuality, rights, gender, and health, and their interface with socio-cultural and legal issues. The Institute is an invaluable resource for activists, researchers, journalists, and practitioners working on issues of sexuality, LGBT rights, sexual rights, HIV/AIDS, gender-based violence (GBV), health, and gender.

Our Founder and Executive Director Nidhi Goyal facilitated a session titled ‘Disability, Sexuality and GBV’ at the SGRI on 16 November 2022. Nidhi built a disability perspective among participants using various videos and exercises. She also highlighted the different models of disability — such as the charity model or the social model — and helping participants locate where they were currently based within these models.

She spoke about how disability and gender is compounded marginalisation and talked about the myths and realities when it comes to disability, gender and sexuality, as well as the interconnections between power and violence in the life of a disabled woman.