Civil 20, India 2023: Policy Brief

Civil 20, India 2023: Policy Brief

We as the coordinators of Disability, Equity, Justice Working Group from April to July 2023 organised consultations, round tables, and conferences to bring together experiences and expertise of disabled and non-disabled civil society to advance a practical vision of economic development that is accessible, just, sustainable, and inclusive.

This working group organised consultations and dialogues in multiple forms, the outcomes, and recommendations from these were compiled and policy brief was developed with relevance across disabilities to advance disability equity and inclusion through inclusive and accessible planning, implementation, and systems change.

The purpose of advocating for a standalone working group was to have an opportunity and space to voice specific disability related concerns and solutions in the final Civil 20 policy pack which is handed over to G20 leaders collectively by C20.

Civil 20 policy pack on G20 website can be found here

Accessible DEJ policy brief can be downloaded here.