Certificate Course in Gender | KC College

Certificate Course in Gender | KC College

September 2018

KC College introduced a Certificate Course in Gender Studies which is spread over three months, the course aims at imparting a nuanced understanding of gender issues and in helping to build a critical feminist perspective. Their resource persons are drawn from diverse fields of inquiry and include a mix of academics, filmmakers, researchers, women’s rights and LGBTQ activists and lawyers.

A total number of 40 students attended the course. Founder Director Nidhi Goyal was invited to address the students on “Multiple Patriarchies: Disability and Gender” for two years at this course, wherein she spoke about the intersectionality of gender and disability and how this adds another layer of oppression for women with disabilities.

Women with disabilities are not just fighting against a sexist and misogynistic society but also against a mindset which is ableist and does not see women with disabilities as women. The thrust of the lecture was to position women with disabilities within the women’s rights agenda.