Swarna Jyoti – A Leadership Program

Swarna Jyoti – A Leadership Program

Swarna Jyoti – A feminist leadership program for women activists with disabilities 

We are now open for applications for Swarna Jyoti from August 31, 2021!

This annual program marks the completion of 25 years of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action adopted by the United Nations in 1995. The Beijing Declaration and Platform For Action was a global commitment towards the advancement of rights of women and girls, in all dimensions of their lives. It imagined a world where all women were able to exercise their freedoms without fear. Despite the passing of 25 years since this commitment, we see that this does not hold true for women with disabilities, often left behind and forgotten.

Disabled women activists can change this. The program will take place over a period of two months, where the participants will undergo a rigorous virtual training in Hindi and sign language. Following which each of them will take their learnings to the field for implementation, advocacy and change. The program focuses on building feminist understanding, enhancing awareness of rights of disabled women and children and strengthening leadership of women with disabilities at the grassroots level.

Who is eligible?

Grassroots women activists with disabilities from India who fulfil these criteria:
  • Have a minimum of 3 years of experience
  • Are between the age of 25 and 40
  • Can communicate in Hindi or Indian Sign Language
  • Have access to a phone/computer, since the trainings will be conducted online via Zoom

Form is available in Hindi and English. The forms can be filled by a nominator or by women with disabilities activists themselves.

Deadline for applications is September 8th, 2021 by 5 pm IST.

Completed applications must be mailed to