Mental Health Awareness Month: #MHForAll!

Mental Health Awareness Month: #MHForAll!

Black background with bold lettering in blue and pink: You do not have to be disabled to experience ableism. Text in small: Holding Space (The Manual): Rising Flame logo on the bottom right corner.


Rising Flame conducted a three-week-long campaign around Mental Health Awareness Month with the hashtag #MHForAll.

Mental Health Awareness Month takes place in October every year, and is globally recognised. This initiative is observed to draw attention to the oft-ignored issue of mental health in mainstream discourse.

The inspiration for this campaign was Rising Flame’s manual ‘Holding Space’ — a workbook for mental health practitioners that can be used to understand disability experiences and the impact of ableism on our lives in a clear and concise manner.

The hashtag #MHForAll aimed to highlight the fact that mental health is not just important for, and should not just be geared to, non-disabled folks and their experiences. Mental health is an important part of all our lives, and practitioners should include the diversity of experiences as well as have an understanding of the different intersecting systems affecting us all — including ableism.

We put together resources from the workbook — such as quotes and questions to think about — as well as memes and concise videos from previous conversations on mental health by Rising Flame.

Many organisations and allies joined us in expanding the reach of this campaign — including Mariwala Health Initiative, HearBuds,  Mia Mingus, and others.