Conference of the State Parties to the CRPD

Conference of the State Parties to the CRPD

June 12 -14, 2018 | New York, USA

The CRPD stipulates that the State Parties shall meet regularly in Conference of State Parties to discuss matters with regard to the implementation of the CRPD. This was the 11th session of the CoSP held at the UN headquarters in New York.

Founder – Director Nidhi Goyal was invited to speak on two panels. The first panel titled, “Disability, Sexuality and Holding States Accountable: Local and Global Strategies” organized by CREA and Women enabled India was held on 12 June.

The second panel was titled, “Who Gets a seat at the Table When All Means Only Some?” organized by Key Stoned Human Services International. We also participated in the global women with disabilities meeting organized by International Disability Alliance and Women Enabled International to discuss global solidarity and way forward to advance rights of women and girls with disabilities.

COSP - USA - June - 2018: This image is of a room full of people sitting around a rectangular conference table. In the middle of the conference table there are smaller tables and chairs which are empty. Around 14 people are sitting at the conference table listening to one person who is speaking into a microphone. Nidhi is sitting directly in front of the camera at the far end of the room. People seem to be of diverse nationalities.
COSP - USA - June - 2018: Nidhi along with another woman are seated at a conference table. Nidhi is wearing a red top and a black jacket with golden hoop earrings. She is looking down and her hand is on her laptop which is in front of her on the table. The woman next to her is wearing a black and green scarf; her hair is tied up in a bun and she is talking into a microphone which is kept on the table. The table has name tags, mics and a water bottle.