Civil-20 Summit 2022 in Bali, Indonesia

Civil-20 Summit 2022 in Bali, Indonesia

Nidhi Goyal is on the C20 Indonesia stage along with official delegates and the passing of the presidency baton is taking place centre-stage. There are some traditional Balinese dancers observing the ceremony from the side and a videographer is using a camera in front of them.

Nidhi Goyal is standing along with a group of people wearing ID cards and the Indian ambassador. They are in a large room with glass doors behind them.

The Civil-20 (C20), an official G20 Engagement Group that works to ensure G20 leaders develop priorities that serve citizens, organised a Summit Event from October 5 – 7, 2022 in, Bali, Indonesia. Founder and Executive Director Nidhi Goyal participated in the process as an advocate for disability inclusion and was invited to offer a testimonial as international civil society, that is a political statement on what Civil 20 means for marginalised communities.

Nidhi spoke about meaningful participation and the importance of ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ since inclusion is at the heart of C20 and its principles as well as the at the heart of the multilateral process that the G20 is trying to take ahead. The need for collaboration, connections and convergence was highlighted in taking ahead an agenda of economic growth which is sustainable, resilient and humanitarian. Watch more as Nidhi speaks about how civil society can come in with governments as partners who can lend their expertise, encouragement, knowledge, and collaborative effort to ensure that our global commitment — as a part of the Sustainable Development Goals — of leaving no one behind become a reality.

She was amongst selected 11 civil society representatives from 20 countries who were officially felicitated at the summit with a traditional Balinese scarf. She also advocated for inclusion in meetings with international delegates as well as the Indian ambassador Manoj Kumar Bharti.

Disability inclusion was brought for the first time on the C20 agenda, and the aim was to make sure that the G20 focus was on sustainable, resilient and inclusive development.