And They Lived… Ever After

And They Lived… Ever After

Rising Flame and HarperCollins India have published a first-ever anthology of disabled women retelling fairy tales called ‘And they lived … Ever after’. This anthology has been written by 13 disabled women from across India and Sri Lanka. The writers are women with disabilities like deafness, blindness, autism, locomotor, dyslexia, ADHD, psychosocial etc. These writers range from lawyers, professors, entrepreneurs, special educators, marketing professionals and so on. These authors came together to see themselves in popular stories like Ugly Duckling, Rapunzel, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Snow White & Rumplestiltskin.

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Book blurb:

On a beige background there are several illustrations of moon, sun, clouds, birds in black, red and orange colours. On top are the two logos of Rising Flame and HarperCollins Publishers. The title of the book is in the centre "And They Lived... Ever After". In the centre is a window with a woman seated on her wheelchair looking out the window and her long braid is seen. On a red banner right below the window is the text in white: “Disabled Women Retell Fairy Tales.” At the bottom are swans and ducks in a pond with lilies and leaves, a small house and snake slithering away.

Meet a deaf Snow White, a wheelchair-using Rapunzel, a neurodivergent Ugly Duckling.

In a world where fairy tales usually demonise characters who live with disability, these and other fairy-tale characters challenge our understanding of the people around us. The authors of this collection seek to retell classic stories by weaving in their own everyday experiences-the struggles, joys and frustrations that may not be known to the non-disabled. 

And They Lived … Ever After grew out of a programme organised by Rising Flame, an award-winning non-profit that seeks to build an inclusive world in which diverse bodies, minds and voices thrive with dignity and live free of discrimination, abuse and violence. This book is every bit as enchanting as it is important.

Praise for And They Lived…Ever After:

‘A unique anthology that seeks to change the fairy tale into a safe space of inclusion and acceptance of difference.’ – Jerry Pinto

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