Nidhi Goyal

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Co-founder and Director

Nidhi Goyal is a disabled feminist [removed bold] activist from India working on disability rights and gender justice. She is committed to changing the lives of persons with disabilities, particularly women and girls. [Moved forward] Nidhi is also India’s first female disabled stand-up comedian [remove bold] and uses humor to challenge prevailing notions about disability and gender.

In her eight years of activism, [Nidhi] has worked with a range of national and global women’s rights, disability rights, and human rights organizations, including Point of View, Human Rights Watch, Sight Savers, and CREA.

Nidhi’s work spans research, writing, training, campaigns, advocacy, and art. She works to raise the profile of issues at the intersection of disability and gender through op-eds, journal articles, and lectures in national and international forums. Nidhi has been appointed to the UN Women Executive Director’s  Civil Society Advisory Group, sits on the advisory board of VOICE, and has been globally elected to the Board of Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID), where she is currently the President-Elect. In India, Nidhi has been invited to be a member of the core group on persons with disabilities and elderly persons by the National Human Rights Commission.

At 15, when Nidhi started losing sight [and learning to live a full life with her disability], she promised herself that she would work [to extend opportunities for growth] to other people with disabilities who did not have access to the family support, resources, and privileges she drew upon for support.] Rising Flame takes this commitment forward.

You can follow Nidhi’s work on Twitter @saysnidhigoyal.

Dr. Neha Goyal (M.D Skin & V.D.)

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Dr. Neha Goyal is a Mumbai-based practising dermatologist and cosmetologist. In practice for the past eight years, Neha runs Dr. Neha’s Skin Klinic, [provides medical services through] renowned local hospitals, and regularly presents papers at conferences and trainings. A Gold Medalist in her MD, Neha secured her MBBS degree from KEM Hospital Mumbai, and held a Fellowship in Pediatric Dermatology and Lasers from xxx Institute [fill in institute] in Singapore. [I moved this section on Neha’s practice forward so that the next two paragraphs on contribution to health care for underprivileged persons and her personal experience with disability is not interrupted].

[SB: This paragraph was redrafted to address repetitive sentence structure]. Neha is committed to offering affordable and quality health care to underprivileged persons and works to realise this goal through her practice at Charitable hospitals and institutions; contributing expertise at free medical camps held at her clinic and by community groups and social clubs; and through volunteering to provide guidance on health and gender with charitable trusts like Balaji Health Foundation and non-profits like Point of View.

[A] sister to two disabled siblings, disability rights and empowerment is a personal issue for Neha. She believes that much more needs to be done to create a just and equal world where all persons with disabilities live dignified and fulfilling lives, She has co-founded Rising Flame to help reach that goal

Srinidhi Raghavan

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Senior Programs Consultant

Srinidhi Raghavan works on [women’s, sexuality, and disability rights. She conducts trainings and undertakes research on women with disabilities, [with a focus on the sexual needs and vulnerability of adolescent girls]. [Srinidhi is experienced in programme development, building, evaluation, and management.] [Over the last seven years, Srinidhi has partnered with feminist organizations, schools, and colleges across India to support women, including those with disabilities, adolescents, and children [support them to do what?].

Srinidhi is an introvert [and] a lover of poetry [who] writes to make sense of the world around her. [Her work has been published in] Skin Stories, Agents of Ishq, India Spend, The Ladies Finger, and Ahmedabad Mirror. She is the mother of two bratty cats and she loves dogs. [Moved the previous sentence back to the end of the paragraph so that the discussion of Srinidhi’s writing is continuous].

[Srinidhi lives with chronic illnesses that impact how she engages with the world. This personal experience informs her commitment to the Rising Flame vision and mission, and her work towards making this vision a reality.]

You can follow Srinidhi’s work on Twitter @Thecatlyf.

Malavika Goyal

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Programs Coordinator

Malavika is a fierce feminist, [committed to working at the intersection of women’s rights, queer rights, disability rights and mental health]. She worked as a Research Associate at Population First, and completed her masters in Women’s Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Malavika is currently training towards the use of dance and movement as a form of therapy.

Nayantara Ranganathan

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Project Consultant

Nayantara is a researcher and lawyer interested in the intersection of technology, politics and culture. [Expand]

She is especially interested in the lessons that the disability rights movement has to offer for how we treat (and in turn are treated by) digital technologies. [Link to interest in Rising Flame in particular].

Pooja Menon

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Volunteer Researcher

An alumnus of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Public Health), Pooja [interned for] Rising Flame in 2017. Pooja has since joined a reputed health insurance firm as Assistant Wellness Manager by day.

At Rising Flame, Pooja researches sexual and reproductive health issues for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Through her work at Rising Flame, she hopes to be able to empower people with disabilities and enable them to exercise their rights.

Pooja is a dog-lover and a complete foodie. [Note: This type of sentence works in Srinidhi’s bio because it is significantly longer and more personal. I suggest you remove this line, or that Pooja develop a bit more on her interest in research, move this to the second paragraph, and use this as a closing line to that second paragraph.]

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