Big Bully

Big Bully

December 2018

In December 2018, Rising Flame launched its first research with national scope, “The Big Bully.”

We know that persons with disabilities in India face systematic exclusions, discrimination, abuse and bullying in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes. Bullies and victims of bullying alike are often at greater risk for mental health and behavioural issues than those children who are not bullies or were not bullied.

Experiences of people with disabilities are missing from existing studies on bullying in India. Through a survey looking at specific instances and experiences within various educational institutes in India, we hope to begin engaging on bullying and the systemic responses needed.

Our research objectives are:

● To amplify the voices of people with disabilities in accounts of bullying faced at integrated and special education institutes;
● To understand the impact of bullying on the mental health of people with disabilities;
● To explore the effects of bullying on the continuation of educational pursuits for people with disabilities;
● To fill a knowledge gap in this area with data that can inform training, advocacy, and campaigns aimed at addressing bullying.

Link to Survey in English and Hindi.

If you would like to receive the word files of the survey please email us at