Assist Me App

Assist Me App

March 2019

According to the 2011 Census of India, 2.68 Crore persons live in India with a disability. Yet our social environment—shops, parks, buildings, roads, and even hospitals and educational institutes and systems—are not accessible or inclusive. The Government of India and state governments provide no social security or support to people with disabilities. As a result, disabled people must turn to their families—mostly mothers and sisters as caregivers—for support.

This scenario poses challenges for people with disabilities, who face the choice of either remaining dependent on their families, where they can access support they need; or independently but without the support necessary to thrive within a social environment that is often not accessible.

Rising Flame aims to make inroads into expanding these choices by connecting people with disabilities to the support they need through members of the public who can readily provide these support services. Many people with disabilities face barriers within their social environments that can be solved with easy assistance—the solutions can be as simple as someone offering an arm during their morning walk, dedicating time to read for someone on the weekend, or helping someone get to the closest grocery store.

Our Assist Me App is a platform for connecting persons with disabilities who request assistance with such tasks with registered and vetted buddies—students, professionals, and others—who are willing to help.

The objectives of this app are threefold:

  • To fill the social security gap in India;
  • To reduce the burden of care on families of people with disabilities;
  • To enable people with disabilities to live a fuller life.

Through a quick needs assessment, we have mapped the activities that people with disabilities would largely like support for, and May 2018, we have partnered with HELM Studio to make the Assist Me App a reality!

This is an icon of a stick figure sitting on a wheelchair facing right. This has been enclosed in a square box. Adjoined on top of the box is a rectangle which has three small squares on the right.
Helm Logo: This is the logo for Helm studio. On the left side there are eight figures which are interlinked in a circle. It looks like they are holding hands. They are yellow, green and blue in colour. Beside it is written Helm, Hands on Education Law and Media